NYTW 2018 Vloggers

In Announcement by Nyaw

Introducing our 3 vloggers for National Youth Theatre of Wales 2018!

During the residency, film maker Jonathan Dunn will follow the company as they develop and perfect their craft. These 3 members will share the spotlight, documenting their own personal journey throughout the week, and working closely with Jonathan!

"While I’m looking forward to devolving my skills and learning new things, I’m most pumped about meeting new people who share the same interests as me and can’t wait to see where this residency takes us!!"
Niamh Moulton | 18 | Carmarthenshire
"I’m looking forward to meet new people and to learn different things from these new people and to be able to try new things and to just have a fun time."
Gwion Tudur | 16 | Conwy
"What I’m looking forward to most about the residency is going to Mold. I’ve even got t-shirts for me and the gang with Mold Massive 2k18 printed on the back! I am, also, really looking forward to the opportunities we are being given to work with guest practitioners and industry professionals. It’s very inspiring and, I think, necessary that professional creatives are visible to young people - particularly those from working class backgrounds - in order to promote the arts as a viable career choice. In having access to people successfully working in the arts, hopefully we will be the next generation to further promote the arts within Wales. I am looking forward to forming relationships with other young people from across Wales interested in theatre. So we can tear up the isle of Mold annually!"
Lauren Ellis-Stretch | 19 | Bridgend